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Warcraft : Barrens

Hello !

So this is a weekend project that is part of something bigger than i'm working on ! I've always been a fan of the warcraft universe and i've always dreamed of being able to play a solo story driven RPG in the universe of Warcraft ! (I've also always dreamed to work one day at Blizzard! )

So the idea is simple, I wanted to imagine how this game could look like ! I only had a weekend in order to do everything and I did respected the schedule that I gave myself ! Started on Friday at 6 pm, and done on Sunday at 12pm !

You can also comment and tell me which area you would like to see next !

Thanks to AJ for the background towers ! Those will be modeled really soon !

(PS : If anyone from Blizzard could whispear that idea to someone taking decisions.....)

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