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Spyro Reignited Trilogy : Details

Since Spyro is going to be released on Switch and Steam here are some Detail Light view in engine of some of the levels that I worked on!

Since those were taken in engine and not in game, light and some stuff can be different!

I'm so glad to have worked on this project and I could never thank enough my Art Director Josh Nadelberg and the Team at Toys For Bob! Big thumbs up for all of the people I worked with and who were part of this project!

For this level I was responsible for the environment Art, the placement/integration in engine, collisions and light blockout!
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Romain durand darkhollow detail 5
Romain durand darkhollow detail 6
Romain durand darkhollow detail 2
Romain durand darkhollow detail 1
Romain durand dream detail2
Romain durand dream detail3
Romain durand dream detail1
Romain durand dream detail4
Romain durand colossus detail 2
Romain durand colossus detail 3
Romain durand colossus detail 1