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Stylized Water Tutorial : Part I

You can download the tutorial on my gumroad for free, it include an HD version of the material setup :

Hello, some people asked me how I did my water for Renegade Line, this is a little tutorial that I hope will help some of you!
Edit 2 : Thanks for publishing this tutorial to your website!
Edit : Remember to enable : generate distance field shadows in your project settings and set the engine scalability to Epic.

Romain durand water tuto 1

Step one

Romain durand current look step one

First Step result

Romain durand water tuto 2

Step two

Romain durand current look step two

Second Step

Romain durand water tuto 3

Step Three

Romain durand current look step three

Third Step

Romain durand watergif

Third Step gif

Romain durand 1

How it can look finished and IG